Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tying an NFL Record

By Alex Girden

What we Know
      Distance =63 yards
      1 yard=0.9144 meters
      Distance=58 meters
      Height of cross bar =10. feet
      1 foot=0.3048 meters
      Height =3.0 meters
      Football= 0.413 kg
      Estimated time of travel = 3 seconds
The easy idea
      Solving for initial velocity?
     Angle of kick?
     Kinetic Energy?
      3.o=vo (3 s)+ 0.5*-9.8* (3)^2
      Voy=16 m/s
      Max height- Vf^2=Vo^2+2aΔx
      Δx=13 meters
More equations
      ax=0 m/s^2
      58=vo (3)
      Vox=19 m/s
      Vnet^2=vx^2 +vy^2
      Vnet=25 m/s
      Θ=40 °
      Kinetic Energy given to ball
      ½ (0.413kg) (25)^2=129 J
Force of a kicker
      Time in contact with ball approximate=1.8 X 10^-3 s
      25=0 + a (1.3X 10^-3)
      Acceleration = 19,200 m/s
      Force=ma= (19,200 * 0.413 kg)=7,900 N
Future Directions
      Take into account wind speed and direction
      Air resistance’s affect on the ball

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