Thursday, November 28, 2013

Please Pass the Turkey

This thanksgiving I wanted to figure about how much force I would need to use in order to spin our turkey (using a Lazy Susan) over to my Uncle who was sitting across from me. The turkey is 9kg and sits .5m away from the center of the Lazy Susan that has a radius of 1.5m and is 15kg. The initial angular velocity of the lazy Susan was .4 rad/s and the final angular velocity was 0 rad/s. Using the equation, w(f)^2=w(i)^2+2(alpha)(theta) we can calculate the angular acceleration. The angular acceleration is -.0255 rad/s2. We know that torque= I(alpha) and using angular acceleration and moment of inertia we can solve for torque. The moment of inertia, for the system, is mr2+(1/2)mr2. or 19.125 kgm2. Thus the torque is .4877. If I am pushing perpendicular to the axis of rotation, I would divide the torque by the radius of the Lazy Susan to get my applied force. Which would be .325N.

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