Thursday, December 10, 2015

Preparation is Everything - Good Luck With Finals!

Studying got you feeling down? Watch the video below to witness a ferret's unfortunate encounter with physics to cheer you up! *No ferrets were harmed in the production of this video*

One of the reasons why the ferret failed to jump to the other ledge was because he did not have an initial velocity, so he had no kinetic energy. He would need to build up momentum, or have some kind of velocity, to travel from one ledge to the other. But he started from rest and relied only on the force of his hind legs that he used to push off of the desk, which wasn't great enough to get him very far. We can also conclude that this ferret did not have a net work because he had no kinetic energy (no change in velocity) and no potential energy (no change in height between the ledge he jumped from to his destination). The force of his legs was also not enough to get him to the other side because he had no velocity, therefore he had no acceleration.
This is an example of physics gone wrong. But this goes to show that preparation is key to reaching your goals. Just keep up the momentum (your kinetic energy) and you'll go far... unlike this ferret! :)

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