Saturday, October 15, 2016

Great White Shark Attack

Great White Sharks are one of the world’s greatest predators. Incredibly strong and fast, these animals have captured the attention of researches and the public. Great whites are usually the star of Discovery’s Shark Week because of their ability to leap out of the water to catch their prey. These sharks usually hunt seals as they return from the ocean to land but on occasion there are attacks on humans. Of the 100 shark attacks recorded annually about 1/3 of those is attributed to sharks.

A lot of research has gone into learning more about these predators as so much is still unknown because of their difficulty to track and because they cannot be raised in captivity. A popular area of research is on their ability to breach as it can be recorded easily. Since shark attacks are possible I used the conservation of momentum equation and kinematics to find out the distance a shark attack would bring an average person. The average mass of a Great White Shark is 2268 kg and under the water can move at a speed of 6.7 m/s so (2268kg)(6.7m/s)=(2268kg+62kg)V3 and V3=6.55 m/s. Next, using the velocity I plugged it into 0=(6.54m/s)2+2(-9.8)y and found the height to be 2.2 meters.

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