Thursday, September 7, 2017

How the use of the iPhone 9 minute snooze button affects the speed of getting ready in the morning

I am a notorious alarm clock snoozer and in the morning that can leave me with a frantic 30 minutes or less to get ready for the day. I wanted to see how long it would take me to get ready without using the alarm clock snooze. I hypothesize that the shorter time I have to get ready the more steps I will take because I will start to get frazzled and try to do too much with the shorter time I have. This increase in steps and distance traveled but because I have less time the speed in which I get ready will increase from a morning that I do not snooze. For this experiment, I will be using my IPhone as a pedometer and as a stop watch. On Tuesday morning, I did not snooze the alarm and I got ready in 40. minutes. On Thursday morning, I snoozed the alarm two times and had 22 minutes to get ready.

The day I did not sleep in resulted in a 81 percent increase in time that it took to get ready compared to the day I slept in. I walked 40. percent more when I was rushed compared to my normal morning routine. Overall this lead to a 167 percent increase in speed. This increase in all areas seems to make sense because in the morning as time gets more constrained I feel myself becoming more frantic. This leads me to start going out of order in my routine and running around with no purpose. This unnecessary movement and the already constrained time leads my speed in the morning to be increased by almost three times my morning routine.

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