Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jack Could Have Lived

I analyzed the scene in the Titanic where Rose is on a piece of wood and jack is in the water. I wanted to determine whether Jack and Rose could both fit onto the piece of wood because I think Rose was being selfish. I estimated that the piece of wood to  be a rectangle with a length of 1.69 m and a width of .75m connected to a triangle with the same height and width. I estimated the thickness of the board to be .2 meters.


Volume of Board
V=1.90125 m2 X 0.2 m
V=.38025 m3

Jack is 73 kg
Rose is 63 kg

Buoyant Force of the Wood
Fb=(1025 kg/m3)(.38025 m3)(9.8 m/s2)
Fb=3819.61125 N

ΣF=Fb+Mgwood+ Mg (rose+jack)
ΣF=(3819.61125 N) - 228 kg(9.8m/s2) - (73+63kg)(9.8m/s2)
ΣF=252.41125 N

The total force is still pointing upward so Rose and Jack could have both fit on the board and been saved.

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