Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey On a Spit

This year for thanksgiving my family decided to cook our turkey on a spit.  This was a great opportunity for me to apply my physics knowledge to the real world. I was interested in the amount of force that was required to rotate the turkey once from rest. Each rotation took 5 seconds.

  • w=2πf
  • f=1rot/5s
  • w=1.3rad/s
  • wf=wo+ αt
  • 1.3rad/s= 0+ α5s
  • α=0.26 rad/(s^2)

  • Στ= αI
  • Assuming a turkey's moment of inertia is equal to that of a solid cylinder
  • I=(.5)mr^2
  • I=(.5)(6.8kg)(0.22m)^2
  • I=0.16kgm^2
  • Στ= (0.26rad/(s^2))(0.16kgm^2)
  • τ=0.0416Nm (Since there is only one torque at work, this is the torque of the force applied by the person)
  • τ=rFsinθ
  • 0.0416Nm=(0.15m)Fsin90
  • F=0.28N
It only took .28N to rotate the turkey once! That's less than 0.07lbs of force. 

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