Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Seattle Great Wheel

My family has recently started a new tradition of spending Thanksgiving in another city than where we are from to explore a new place together. With Thanksgiving coming up, I was reminded of where we traveled to last year--Seattle. One of my favorite parts about our trip to Seattle was going for a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel that overlooks the city and the water and has an awesome view at night.
While I was thinking about my ride on the Seattle Great Wheel, I was just curious as to what the angular velocity, the linear velocity, and the angular momentum of our ride was (ignoring the fact that this ferris wheel is run by a motor and idealizing the situation to be a wheel rotating parallel to the ground). I found that the diameter of the ferris wheel is 175 feet (53.34 m), so the radius of the ferris wheel is 26.67 m, and that each ride lasts 12 minutes includes 3 rotations.

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