Friday, November 23, 2012

Pressure and Force

By Siyun Zou

Next semester I will be going on the Spring Study Abroad trip to Australia and I plan on doing some scuba diving there.  I want to figure out what my force and pressure would be when I am completely submerged underwater. In addition I would like to find what is the force exerted on the diver’s glass plate face mask.

Finding Pressure:
Initial Pressure of water= 1.013E5 Pa
Average height for beginners = 40ft = 12.19m
P= 1.013E5 + (1000kg/m3)*(9.8m/s2)*(12.19m)
P= 2.21E5 Pa

Force when submerged in water:
Weight approximately= 50kg
F= 50kg*9.8m/s2
F= 490N

Force on the diver’s glass plate face mask:
Diameter of glass plate= 16cm = 0.16m
F= P*A
F= 2.21E5 Pa * π*(0.16/2)2
F= 4400N 

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